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2023 Team Registration

Competitive or supporting member .... join the great Brontolo Bike family!

What does the membership include:

  1. ALE' summer 2024 suit (jersey and shorts) (PRIME line for the jersey and PRR line for the shorts), NEW DESIGN

  2. Subscribing as Cicloamatore o Cicloturista, you'll get a Competitive card, which includes an insurance covering liability and accidents. The Cicloamatore card requires a competitive sport medical certificate, the Cicloturista card requires a non-competitive sport medical certificate

  3. For Supporting members only no card is provided, hence neither any insurance coverage. If you do not have any private coverage on you own we still suggest you to undergo a sport medical examination anyway

  4. Legal counseling provided by ZEROSBATTI association is included for ALL memberships

  5. The Cicloamatore card allows you to participate to all kind of events, while the Cicloturista card allows you to participate to non-competitive, cycling turism events only . The Supporter membership doesn't allow the participation to any event.

  6. Any member can ask to be added to our Team whatsapp chats on NEWS, EVENTS, MARKET in order to be updated live on Team communications and events (which you can propose to the Team)

  7. Cicloamatore and Cicloturista members participate to the Team Championship, which awards several prizes. The Team Championship rankings are based on event-participation criteria and not on timing or final standings of the events

  8. All members will benefit from discounts and special economical conditions provided by companies leader in the cycling industry or sponsoring the Team

  9. Special prices for the enrollment to those events proposed by the Team

  10. Meeting at the Team HQ and at the gatherings organized by the Team and/or its members

  11. Participating to any event is not mandatory. All the members are free to enroll to any event, although the participation to those activities organized by the Team will be very welcome

Membership fees:

ICicloamatore o Cicloturista subscription

  1. 80€ (including team jersey + card + Zerosbatti coverage)

  2. 140€(including team jersey and shorts + card + Zerosbatti coverage)

Supporter membership

  1. 60€ (including team jersey + Zerosbatti coverage)

  2. 120€ (including team jersey and shorts + Zerosbatti coverage)

How to joint the Team:

Download and fill in the following documentation:




and include:

  • MEDICAL CERTIFICATE AND PICTURE (Cicloamatore e Cicloturista only): the official Team request for the medical certificate to be presented to the medical center can be dowloaded through the button below

We remind you to carefully read the Official Team regulations, which can be found at the webpage "Team Area".

  • send the documentation to

  • or personally hand it over to the following staff: 

    • Delbó Esmeralda 3470751620

    • Colombo Alessandra 3922991193

    • Bianchini Francesca 3489140652

    • Bocca Alessandro 3450877727

  • or personally hand it over to the staff at the HQ:

​          BIM BUM BAR

          Robecco s/n Fraz. Castellazzo de Barzi 
          Via San Carlo 2 

          il Giovedì sera dalle 21.00 alle 22.30


You will then get a confirmation and receive further instructions for paying the fee.

2024 Team subscription deadlines:

  • those enrolled WITHIN DEC. 21nd 2023

will receive the clothing by the beginning of March 2024

  • those enrolled BETWEEN DEC. 22nd 2023 and JAN. 25th 2024

will receive the clothing by the beginning of April 2024

  • those enrolled BETWEEN JAN. 26th 2024 and FEB. 22th 2024

will receive the clothing by the beginning of May 2024

  • those enrolled AFTER FEB. 22th 2024

will receive the clothing only if available

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