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Have you already subscribed to the running Team, but you need to renew your medical certificate?

Download the official team request below and give it to the sport medical center.

Do you want to join the running Team or renew your subscription?

After carefully reading the Team Regulations, print, fill in and sign the forms. Write to for info on how to deliver everything, together with the membership fee and the medical certificate valid for the FIDAL card.

Social championship 2024

All team members compete in a championship where how runs the most, wins. The rankings account for the km run in official races or events and are divided in Road or Trail (the latter includes Cross events); both are further divided by gender. Only finished events can be included; the proper category of an event is taken by the official category reported in its rulebook, when available.

The 2024 social championship has begun the 13th of November 2023 and it will end by the 3rd of November 2024; the updated rankings are reported on the Reserved Area.

For further information, please ask on the official Brontolorunning Whatsapp chat.

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