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Brontolo Bike asd

Amateur cycling team founded by the former pro Andrea Noè in the 2011, where the associates and supporters of the team are the nicest 'Grumpy' and generous cyclists in Italy, as part of the proceeds is donated to charity.

Brontolo Bike Team 2023
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How Brontolo Bike a.s.d. was born

Those who love cycling cannot decide to get off the saddle and hang it up, especially after 42 years, 19 of which as a professional. Those who have given so much to this sport, receiving in return a myriad of emotions and the affection of the people, can only have the desire to reciprocate what they had, looking at their world from another perspective: that of those who ride a bike without have trophies to win. But goals to be crossed, yes.


The idea of ​​creating a 'corner of Grumpy' has a very specific date and place of birth: Milan, May 29, 2011, the final finish line of the 94th Giro d'Italia.


After a very long career spent on the saddle helping teammates and chasing opponents, also taking away various satisfactions (the record of the oldest Giro d'Italia Pink Jersey remains his) Andrea Noè, the 'great old man' of the Italian cycling, reaches a new great milestone: to create a group of bicycle lovers, united in a team that has a passion for cycling as a common denominator, fun as a 'philosophy' and charity among its aims.


Supported by the sponsors of the last team in which he raced, together with other new ones, by longtime friends and some local partners from Robecco and surroundings, this is how the Brontolo Bike a.s.d. and its official kit were born.


Andrea Noè, one of the symbolic men of the Italian cycling, closes his career, celebrated by friends and fans, who dedicated to him a commemorative t-shirt on which a character stands out: Grumpy.


Grumpy, Andrea's nickname, is therefore the protagonist of the new team uniform, which could only be called 'Brontolo Bike'.

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