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Special Team Agreements

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  • Online sale of clothing and sports equipment.

Discount on DPR and finisseur branded products included in the site.

Unlimited discount code for multiple orders that the member will receive once joining the team.



  • Doors and windows. For over 15 years the best solutions to its customers.

​If you buy windows / armored / roller shutters / shutters / mosquito nets 50% discount.

Visit the showroom in Via Aldini, 43 Milan


Scazzosi 3474442922 or 0239005283


  • Road bikes, cyclocross, gravel, time trial, frames.

​Discount on products included on the site.

Contact: Luca Damiano

Il Centro Motorio

  • Fitness Center, from February in Robecco s / n (MI) Via Passovone 1

Convention for the provision of services at a discounted price reserved for the members of the association.



SIS - Science in Sport

  • Food supplements

Discount on products included on the site, even those already discounted.

Unlimited discount code for multiple orders that the member will receive once joining the team.


Vittoria cycling

  • Shoes, helmets, clothing, accessories, cycling spare parts.

Discount on products included on the site.


  • Bicycle cleaning, lubrication and care products.

  • Clothing cleaners.

  • Cleaning and sanitizing helmet and shoes.

Discount on products included on the site.

Unlimited discount code for multiple orders that the member will receive once joining the team.




In case of harmful events during sporting practice, the cardholder will have guaranteed FREE specialized legal assistance for compensation claims up to 31K euros. If you get hurt and need to claim compensation, you have a free lawyer at your disposal because the expenses are covered by a special policy.



All of you are insured for accidents, Rct and health protection thanks to the card that we issue you every year. Someone privately could have taken out more specific policies.

In the event of a claim, all of you must file a claim with the insurance company.

It happens in some cases, that the insurance does not intend to pay (perhaps because there was no first aid report or vigilance or other) or does not intend to compensate the entire damage.

In these cases, if you want to get compensation, you need to ask for the intervention of a lawyer, which many are discouraged from doing because of the costs involved.

With this agreement, however, the injured party will not have to incur legal fees.

The MISSION is to protect the road users most at risk by starting with this project to then arrive at the stipulation of an insurance policy with more guarantees than those currently on the market at sustainable prices for all.



The policy is activated upon request when registering with the team.

The policy can also be activated for the supporting members, for all those who use a bicycle or a two-wheeled vehicle (motorcycles, mopeds, etc.).

Team Sponsors


  • AIRPROTECH Design / Construction and Supply of Plants for the Purification of gaseous emissions




  • EVOPDI Leader in the distribution of nanotechnological products in the automotive, nautical, construction and food industry sectors


  • G.G. ELETTRICA Electrician Via Piave 72 / B Dorno (PV) 3387420240








  • NP Massophysiotherapist Via Silvio Pellico Robecco s / n (MI) 3358472370



  • SISTI-DE ANGELI Thermohydraulics Via Turati 46 Bareggio (MI) 029013452




  • ZEROSBATTI the first association in Europe created for the protection of the cyclists

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